Filling Procedures

What are Filling Procedures?

Hyaluronic acid is one of the key stones of our skin, bones and cartilages. It is a derivative of sugar and is responsible for the availability of a powerful connective tissue on the skin and the water-holding capacity of the skin. Sagging, wrinkles and elasticity loss occurs in the skin with the natural decrease in the amount of hyaluronic due to ageing and exposure to sunlight. In order to replace this decreased amount of hyaluronic acid in the issue, we use hyaluronic acid containing fillers enriched with cruciate ligaments. These fillers are produced in laboratories under sterile conditions and they are compatible with the skin.
As physicians, we advise our patients to use absorbable fat and hyaluronic acid fillers for their health and benefit.

What is cruciate ligament-containing and cruciate ligament-free hyaluronic acid?

When producing filling materials, molecules are connected to each other with cruciate ligaments in order to enhance the filler’s volume boosting effect. Water-holding capacity increases with the increase of cruciate ligaments. Fillers are generally injected onto the bone and under the skin. Cruciate ligament-free hyaluronic acids are small molecules with short effect action times as they are instantly discharged from the body and broken down. They are applied on fine wrinkles and superficial skin areas.

What are the conditions that prevent a filling operation?

Filling injection cannot be performed if
There is an acute or a chronic disease, infection or herpes lesions of the application area
You are allergic to the fillers
You are pregnant or breast feeding
You have an auto-immune disease.

Can children under age 18 or adolescents undergo filling operations?

We are strongly against it.

What are the common complications?

Common complications include a sense of tightness, pain and hematoma in the application area. Nodules, foreign substance granulomas, under- or over-correction, infection, movement of the filler inside the body, color changes in the injection area, necrosis and activation of auto-immune diseases are among the RARE complications.

Which areas of the face are suitable for filling operation?

The forehead, eye contour, the middle face, the folds around the nose, mouth contour and the tip of the jaw are the most common operation areas on the face. The treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on the location.

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