1-What is Aesthetic Surgery? What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is shape correction surgery. In other words, it is the change in the shape of the tissues and organs, the shape and / or dimensions of which are distorted according to the taste of the patient and the ideal anatomical dimensions. Example: Enlarging small breasts with a silicone prosthesis. Reconstructive surgery is repair surgery. It is the reconstruction of organs that are congenitally missing or defective or that have been destroyed or deformed as a result of an accident, a burn or a tumor operation. Example: Breast reconstruction as a result of cancer.

2-Are aesthetic surgeries painful?

Many aesthetic surgeries are not painful as they only affect the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Even if there is mild pain, it will go away in 1-2 days and during this time it can be easily controlled with pain relievers. In operations with muscles such as breast prostheses, pain and tension can take a little longer.

3-Are there any scars from surgery?

It is common knowledge that aesthetic surgery is an operation that does not leave scars. Suitable surgical material and special suture materials are used for aesthetic surgery, where only a minimal small scar remains. However, these scars are hidden somewhere in plastic surgery. For example, within the nostrils during rhinoplasty, within the eyelid during aesthetic eyelid surgery, behind the ear during ear surgery. With a tummy tuck, the scar is slightly longer than the caesarean section scar and remains hidden in the bikini area. Liposuction (fat removal) and liposculpture leave no scars. However, with some operations it is not possible to hide all the scars. For example, as with breast reduction or breast lift.

4-Does silicone cause cancer?

There is no such evidence. The cancer risk of a woman without silicone is the same as that of one with silicone implants. Silicone also makes it easier to identify possible cancers as it highlights breast tissue. Some brands of prostheses in America have been able to gain FDA approval after 15 to 17 years of research. One of them is the Mentor brand, which we also use. We can say with a clear conscience that it does not currently cause cancer.

5-Does a silicone burst?

With the studies performed, prostheses were exposed to high and low pressures that a person cannot survive and no problems were observed.

6-Do silicones have a certain lifespan?

Standard silicone implants do not have a specific lifespan. People who have a silicone implant can wear it for a lifetime.

7-Does silicone prevent breastfeeding?

The use of silicone implants does not prevent or harm breastfeeding. Especially after prostheses under the breast and also under the muscle there is no risk.

8-Is it possible to have a baby after a tummy tuck?

You can become pregnant and give birth provided you wait at least 1 year.

9-Does mole removal cause cancer?

This belief is incorrect . The main treatment that is known today for moles that are already cancerous or at risk is excision, that is, surgical removal.

10-Should there be immediate intervention on new wounds and burns, tattoos, etc. scars?

It is best to wait at least 6 months, see the final shape of the scar and make a correction. It is important that you consult your doctor and follow the recommendations in order to get minimal scarring during this time. Scars and burns can never be completely removed. These can only be reduced or lightened. The success rate of the new appearance resulting from the plastic surgery to be performed depends on the skin structure, the age, the size of the wound and burn marks, the position in the body and the depth.

11-Can aesthetic surgeries be applied to anyone?

It can be used on anyone who has good mental and physical health. However, some surgeries have an age restriction or an ideal age to perform the surgery. For example, cleft lip surgery should be done when the baby is an average of 2 months old, palate surgery when the child is 1 year old, prominent ear surgery when the child is 5-6 years old, breast augmentation and a nose job if people are over 17 years old and a face lift operation if people over 40 years of age.

12-What are the risks of aesthetic surgery?

The risks of aesthetic surgery, like any other surgical procedure, are risks that may arise from the general health problems of the person. Aside from that, there are no dangers inherent in plastic surgery itself. Since aesthetic surgery is not an intervention in vital organs and tissues, it is not possible to endanger the health or life of the patient.

13- Do high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, heart disease prevent aesthetic surgeries?

In these cases, controlled attempts are also made. However, after the required tests, an appropriate assessment will determine whether the surgery should go ahead.

14-Can aesthetic surgeries be done anywhere?

While not risky like vital organ surgeries, plastic surgery, like any other surgical procedure, requires a number of precautions to be taken. These measures can only be achieved with the technical equipment of fully equipped hospitals. That being said, it is both illegal and extremely reprehensible to perform operations in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, ambulances, diagnostic centers, and similar places.

15-how long does it take to heal?

It is usually possible to go home the same day after plastic surgery. As AVT, however, we consider it advantageous if our patients who come from abroad stay in hospital for at least one day, both for our patients and for post-operative follow-up care. Occasionally, 2-3 days of hospitalization may be required. The healing process, namely the removal of bandages, plaster of paris and sutures from the body (now, fusion sutures, self-dissolving sutures are often used), is completed within 1 week. The final form of the intervention can be determined in a few months.

16-Can I see in advance the shape to be created?

Yes. You can see pictures of people who have previously had aesthetic surgery, possible shapes and scars if any, as well as what you can do by retouching your own image on the computer screen to see if it suits you or have different shape options . You can decide your desired outcome results with the doctor and avoid misunderstandings and possible disappointment after plastic surgery.

17- Does smoking affect the aesthetic operation?

Due to the toxic substances in cigarettes, it has a negative effect on tissue and wound healing. For this reason, we recommend our patients to refrain from smoking before and after the operation if possible, or of course to stop. In aesthetic surgery, smoking directly affects the remaining scars.

18-What can I do to perfect the result?

After the operation, you shouldn’t exceed your doctor’s recommendations or interfere with your checkups or sun protection. Always follow the guidence and advice of your doctor.

19-How are the costs of aesthetic surgery determined?

Factors that influence the cost are the material used, the duration of the operation, the type of anesthesia and the risk of the operation. It should not be forgotten that aesthetic surgery is not just a surgical branch, it is an art form and it is more important that the operation is perfect than the cost. The result outcome is of priority using only experienced, fully qualified doctors.

20 – What should I look for when choosing a doctor?

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. As a result, you choose the person to whom you entrust your body. Finding the right doctor is the most important step in getting the result you want. Hence, you need to take the time to find the surgeon who will perform the surgery to the highest level.

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing a doctor is to believe that any surgeon can perform the surgery you intend. The surgeon’s personal experience, quality of work and successful outcomes are priority. The cost of the surgery is not as important as the credentials of the doctor. We receive many messages daily from people who are curious about the operation fee. First, I write the questioning of the price criterion back to the fact that the severity of the event is not fully understood. Of course, price is also an important criterion, but it shouldn’t be the first question asked in such a situation. The result of all operations, especially aesthetic operations, depends on the training, experience and personal skills of the surgeon.

The first characteristic that you will question about the surgeon you plan to perform your operation should be whether or not they received training in aesthetic plastic surgery during their specialist training, their experience in the field, their manual skills, how many times he has previously performed  this particular surgery and whether he will continue to do it.

To what extent the surgeon follows developments in the field of medicine, how often he takes part in congresses and courses, whether he presents his work in these sessions, whether he has scientific articles on aesthetic plastic surgery in international and national scientific journals and  the continuity of these  is one of the important characteristics that should be investigated. An aesthetic plastic surgeon must constantly innovate and keep track of developments in surgery and even contribute to these developments.

Where the surgeon you choose will perform the operations are also important factors about the quality of the hospital and whether it is fully equipped. A surgeon who cares about his patient’s health and respects his work should never compromise hospital quality in order to offer a lower price to the patient.

Correspondence on the Internet is only a preliminary form of information gathering and and creating and establishing a positive atmosphere of trust. However, one of the most important points to consider in order to make the right decision is that you need to meet with the other party you are communicating with at least via WhatsApp and that as many questions can be answered as clearly and openly as possible. Frequent dialog and communication is a key factor to establishing an element of trust and confidence when making the decision to have your surgery. You are our priority and your health is of vital importance to us.

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