What is Rhinoplasty?

The nose is the most eye-catching organ of the face with its notable structure. In addition to its appearance, it has important physiologic functions in respiratory, smelling and tasting processes. Therefore, the two issues should be handled together when considering rhinoplasty. Hook and large nose as well as shallow nasal tip are common aesthetic problems in Turkish society. Hence, Turkish Plastic Surgeons frequently perform rhinoplasty operations along with other cosmetic surgeries, significantly contributing to the medical literature of the world.

Do Women and Men Differ in Terms of Nasal Structure and Surgery?

The structure of nose is different between the two genders, particularly in terms of the nose root, nose tip height and the angle between the nose and lip. As well as those related with sex, there are important differences among people depending on the facial anatomy. For all these reasons, rhinoplasty operations should be customized.

What is the Piezo Technique?

In recent years, the most significant change in rhinoplasty has occurred with the use of a device called a Piezo, which shapes the bone with the energy created by ultrasound. The Piezo device operates with sound waves allowing for precise cutting and shaping the nasal bone without damaging the skin or cartilage. Rhinoplasty operations performed with Piezo device enables 60% faster bone healing compared to the old methods. The most important thing for the patient in the post-surgery period is to experience a trouble free healing process and to achieve a better looking appearance with less swelling and bruising.

Is the open or closed technique better?

Both techniques yield good results when applied on the right and suitable patients. While the open technique may be popular these days, the trend may change a few years later and the closed technique may come to the forefront. Expectations of the patient and the surgeon’s technical skills are important here. Otherwise, a few mm-long cut concealed in the nasal tip will not pose a problem for the patient.

How should I get prepared for a rhinoplasty operation?

You should minimize, ideally stop smoking a few weeks before undergoing a rhinoplasty operation and stop taking food supplements and vitamins containing blood thinners (with doctor’s advice for sure). Consumption of multi-vitamin pills containing Ginseng, Gingko Bilbao, CO-enzyme Q etc., herbal products containing green tea, linseeds, cherry stalk and tomato seeds etc. and all weight loss products should be stopped 10 days before undergoing a rhinoplasty operation.

How is a rhinoplasty operation performed?

Rhinoplasty operations are performed under general anesthesia. A 3-5 mm incision is made on the nasal tip resecting the excess bone and cartilage tissue of the nasal dorsum. Nasal wing bones are broken to reduce the width of the nose and to close the nasal roof and they are reunited in the middle line. The nasal tip is reshaped for an aesthetic appearance and to improve breathing.

How long does the operation take and how is the post-surgery process?
The operation takes 2.5 to 3 hours approximately. After the operation, the patient has a splint on the nasal dorsum and silicon nasal packing inside the nose for protection. The patient may have post-surgery pain, which can be controlled by painkillers. We especially advise our patients to apply ice in the first 24 hours. We discharge patients a day after the operation.

When are the nasal packing and splint removed?

The nasal packing and splint are removed in a few days after the operation. New nasal tapes are applied and the patient is advised to maintain them for 1 week. In the pre-surgery period patients mostly ask whether the nasal packing to be applied after the operation will block breathing. We use leaf-shape silicone packing which allows for comfortable breathing. Contrary to popular belief, patients feel minimum pain when removing out the packing.

When can the patient return to work after operation?

The patient should have a rest for at least a week and ideally for 10 days after the operation. Glasses mustn’t be worn for 3 months; use of eye lenses would be appropriate.

When will the bruising and edema on the face disappear?

While it changes from person to person, it is normal to have edema and under-eye bruises after a rhinoplasty operation. On the other hand, the Piezo technique we use allows for a fast healing process with less bruising and edema. The edema on and around the nasal skin are reduced in 3 weeks. It should also be remembered that it may take up to 3-4 months for the nose to get rid of all edema and up to 1 year to take its final shape.

What are the risks of a rhinoplasty operation?

As rhinoplasty operation is a surgery, it poses certain risks as any surgery performed under general anesthesia. There might be bleeding or infection after the operation. Therefore, the patient should strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of the physician.

Can I have an eyebrow operation following rhinoplasty?

You need to wait for the facial edema to heal in order to have an eyebrow operation following rhinoplasty. Edema heals in about 3 months. However, you may begin your general facial care activities 2 weeks after rhinoplasty operation.

What are the conditions preventing a rhinoplasty operation?

Rhinoplasty operation cannot be performed if you have a systemic disease or a condition that doesn’t allow you to receive anesthesia.

What is the minimum age to undergo a rhinoplasty operation?

Girls should be minimum 16 and boys should be minimum 18 years old to undergo a rhinoplasty operation. It is generally suggested to have turned 19 to undergo a rhinoplasty operation.

Does sinusitis pose an obstacle to undergoing a rhinoplasty operation?

Sinusitis doesn’t pose an obstacle to undergoing a rhinoplasty operation. As a matter of fact, chronic sinusitis could be treated in the same operation through endoscopic surgery.

What should I do if a sneeze comes during a rhinoplasty operation?

Stitches will not be opened or the reshaped bones will not be damaged due to a sneeze during a rhinoplasty operation. You can sneeze in a controlled way.

What can I do to improve the healing process of the swelling after the rhinoplasty operation?

There may be facial edema and slight bruising under the eyes following a rhinoplasty operation. The edema on and around the nasal skin get reduced in 3 weeks, yet, it may take up to 3-4 months for the nose to get rid of all edema. You can speed up the process by using the supplements and creams recommended by your physician.

How long is the nasal packing used in a rhinoplasty operation?

Nasal packing is removed within a few days following the rhinoplasty operation.

What is the best time to undergo a rhinoplasty operation?

Rhinoplasty operation can be undergone in any season or day of the year. The heat or cold has no effect on rhinoplasty operation. There may be facial edema and bruising in the first 1 week. The patient should avoid sunlight in this period. A hat can be worn in summer season. Swimming should be avoided in the first 2 weeks. Those undergoing a rhinoplasty operation in winter time should avoid sports like skiing. It would be appropriate to have rest at home for 1 week regardless of the season. You can undergo a rhinoplasty operation in any season you want.

Does a rhinoplasty operation pose a trouble with ageing?

A rhinoplasty operation will certainly not pose any troubles with ageing. In fact, I would recommend ageing faces to have a rhinoplasty operation first. In this way, the patient will take the first step in achieving a youthful appearance by rejuvenating an organ found in the middle of the face.

Will I have a surgical scar after a rhinoplasty operation?

You will have a 3-4 mm incision concealed in the nasal tip after a rhinoplasty operation. It won’t be seen when looked straight ahead and it will become unnoticeable after 6 months.

How long before the rhinoplasty operation should I stop eating?

You should stop eating or drinking anything at least 6 hours in advance of the rhinoplasty operation. If you are to undergo the operation in the morning, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything after 24:00.

Does a rhinoplasty operation cause the swelling of the cheeks?

There may be (not always) bruising in the cheeks for 7 to 10 days following a rhinoplasty operation. The edema resolves towards the neck and soon disappears.

Does antidepressant drug use pose an obstacle to undergoing a rhinoplasty operation?

No, those using antidepressant drugs can undergo a rhinoplasty operation. In some cases, the anesthetist may have to decide whether to stop using drugs or not.

Will a rhinoplasty operation support a youthful appearance?

Since the nose is the most important organ of the face, rhinoplasty operation is the first step of facial rejuvenation, indeed. undergoing a rhinoplasty operation at around age 40 will visibly rejuvenate the face.

Can I undergo a rhinoplasty operation while suffering from the flu?

Due to the risk of anesthesia, you cannot undergo a surgery while suffering from the flu. You can have your surgery once you have recovered.

Will I have blackheads on the nose after the rhinoplasty operation?

You may have blackheads on the nose after a rhinoplasty operation. You can clear them with the correct skin care regime.

Can I undergo a rhinoplasty operation during a menstrual period?

The menstrual period does not pose a risk or an obstacle when undergoing a rhinoplasty operation.

How should I sleep after a rhinoplasty operation?

For two months following a rhinoplasty operation, you should put two pillows under your head and lie straight forward. It is recommended to avoid side sleeping or sleeping on your stomach particularly for one month after the operation.

Can I wear eye-glasses after a rhinoplasty operation?

You shouldn’t wear eye-glasses for 3 months after the rhinoplasty operation. You can use eye-lenses in this period.

Is the lower lip area incised during a rhinoplasty operation?

The lower lip area remains intact during a rhinoplasty operation.

What should I be careful about for the first 10 days following a rhinoplasty operation?

You should be careful about your sleeping position for the first 10 days following a rhinoplasty operation. You should keep your head high and look straight with 2 pillows under it. Reading something or looking at your phone by lowering your head will increase the amount of edema on your face. You should avoid wearing eye-glasses. You need to regularly use the spray and creams recommended by your physician.

What should I eat after a rhinoplasty operation?

There are no restrictions for a patient who has undergone a rhinoplasty operation. You may have some trouble with tasting as your nose will be packed.

Can I take a flight following a rhinoplasty operation?

You can take a flight following a rhinoplasty operation. There is no problem with that.

What is put on the nasal tip in a rhinoplasty operation?

The nasal tip is reshaped during a rhinoplasty operation. In case of any deficiencies, the patient’s own cartilage can be used.

Revision Rhinoplasty

How long is the recovery period in a revision rhinoplasty operation?

The recovery period following a revision rhinoplasty operation is about one week just like the first operation. However, there may be some breast pain for about two weeks if the operation requires the use of cartilage from the rib.

Does a rhinoplasty operation require taking cartilage from the rib?

Unless a special condition is in question, the first rhinoplasty operation doesn’t require taking cartilage from the rib. On the other hand, rib cartilage could be used in a second rhinoplasty operation if necessary.

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