What is Face-lifting?

Face-lifting is a type of surgery performed to eliminate facial sagging and wrinkles that appear due to ageing and gravity. It makes use of the thread lifting method. Middle cheeks, the lines of the nasal folds and front jaw as well as the curves of the mouth get deformed due to ageing and gravity. The angle between the jaw and neck can also get disrupted due to sagging and the skin of the neck may look piled up.
Rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty operations, forehead operation and eyebrow lifting may accompany face lifting in order to help the face look younger and more beautiful. Injecting filling materials (like fat or hyaluronic acid etc.) can be used for fine lines and Botox can be done for wrinkles.

Can eyebrow and forehead sagging be treated with face-lifting?

Eyebrows are released with an incision on the scalp during face-lifting and sagging can be treated by suspending the eyebrows to their desired position.
How old should I be to have a face-lifting operation?
If you have an over-sagging skin and noticeable gaps under the eyes genetically, you can have this operation at any age after 30s.

Where is the incision made in face-lifting and is it noticeable?

The incision starts in front of or inside the side hairline and reaches towards the earlobe in front of the ear. Then it moves behind the ear under the earlobe and extends inside the scalp particularly if there is excessive skin on the neck. A pony tail in women will make the incision invisible as it will be concealed behind the ear. In men, there will be a change in front of the ear, on the beard line, which may require epilation of the area. The scars after a well-planned face-lifting will usually become unnoticeable after a year.

Is only the excessive skin taken out during face-lifting?

Face-lifting is a quite sophisticated operation and should only be performed by experienced surgeons specialized in facial anatomy. As well as the removal of the over-sagging skin, the connective tissue sheet called as the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system), is moved to desired points and stitched. Suspension of the SMAS is the key factor ensuring that the effect of face-lifting lasts.

Can face-lifting be accompanied by neck lifting?

The two operations should necessarily be performed together if there is sagging on the neck skin and tissues. Otherwise, facial rejuvenation operation will be insufficient. An additional 4cm-long incision is made on the curve under the jaw in a neck lifting operation to remove the excessive fat tissue and sagging salivary glands under the platysma. Then, the platysma (superficial muscle of the neck) is stitched and the neck-jaw angle is sharpened to get a rejuvenated neck.

Can face-lifting be accompanied by fat injection on the face?

Fat injection should necessarily be performed together with a face-lifting operation. Fat tissues in the facial fat tissue compartments get decreased with the ageing of the face. Therefore, fat deficiency should be compensated with injections during the same operation.

How long does the operation take?

It takes about 4 to 6 hours.

What should I beware of before undergoing a face-lifting operation?

It is very important to stop smoking!! Patients are asked to stop smoking 4 weeks in advance of the operation so that they won’t have troubles during or after the operation. You must keep taking your drugs regularly if you have blood pressure problems and you must have your blood pressure checked in order to keep it balanced. Consumption of greeneries containing blood thinners like green tea, parsley juice, rockets etc. and food supplements like Q10 and fish oil should be ceased 10 days in advance.

How long will I stay away from work following a facial-lifting operation?

You will stay in hospital for 1 or 2 days. You will start feeling the pleasing outcomes and lifting effect on the second day. You may have some facial edema, swelling and bruising, which will be gone in about 7 to 10 days. It will take at least 2-3 months for a complete recovery from edema and for the face to find its final shape. As all the stitches will be removed a week later, you can go to work by putting on a make-up and sun screen. You are advised to avoid heavy exercise, excessive sunlight and external impacts for 2 months.

Should toxin treatment be continued following face-lifting?

Toxin application should necessarily be continued for the lines of the eye contour and crow’s foot as well as the wrinkles on the forehead.

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